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Art of Emergency Medicine

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

A series of figure paintings represent the front line heroes that work through a global pandemic, saving lives as the volume in NYC emergency rooms exploded. These colorful portraits characterize the vibrant personalities of amazing health care professionals who work together to support each other and protect the community.

Physician Assistant in the Emergency Room

Portrait painting of true masked heroes

As 2020 isolated us, our emergency team bonded closer. We shared an emotional journey to a new world of covid. Globally, fear of the unknown rose our anxieties, but the support we provided for each other as well as from our community soothed us. Hearing honking and cheering, sirens and clapping going into and leaving a 12 hour shift in a chaotic emergency room was uplifted our spirits And encouraged us to continue, together, fighting an unseen, unknown enemy.

I am grateful for every piece of PPE we scrambled to gather. Our colleagues cold called any store that could provide masks, especially n95s. Food pantries fed us during long shifts while our neighboring delis were closed. I am grateful for my fellow physician assistance that rallied companies to provide surgical caps and even skin products for our sore faces abrased by the singular tight N95 masks we donned for 12 hours. We made it through a scary period of time when we did not know who would fall victim next to a terrible outcome of the virus. Would we bring this home to our loved ones?

These paintings represent the real heroes that helped patients breathe, but also kept other medical providers safe and sane. Our family bond keeps us glued together.

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