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2021 Member Show Art Council of Rockland

I am honored to share my work with the Art Council of Rockland. This is an opportunity to show one of the masked heroes, PA Rispoli, represented in a series of work on front line health care workers during the Covid19 pandemic in NYC hospitals. An opening reception will be on March 24th at 7pm virtually. I will speaking briefly about my work as well.

Physician assistants, Nurse Practitioners, nurses and doctors have teamed up in sync to save New Yorkers' lives on a daily basis, which escalated this year with a new disease. In times where we were unsure of treatments, these medical providers gowned up head to toe and continued on their daily life work of protecting our community's health.

I work with amazing physicians, who share PPE with me to protect me and the patients I am treating. It took a while to get proper personal protective equipment. The gear I am wearing now seals, and has a filter so I am obviously so happy to have it on.

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