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Determined Artists

Painting her travels around the world, and influences as a front line medical worker during the Covid19 pandemic, Val has shared these experiences through stories in her themed series. She studied art in NYC and architecture in Rome. While Covid impacted NYC, she shared real, masked, front line hero's portraits in action with vibrant colors to match their bold personalities. The most recent series of paintings married art and medicine, showcased at Van der Plas Gallery show Under The Mask: A Metamorphosis and currently in a virtual 3D gallery you can explore at artland.

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Artist Statement

Thanks to my family and friends for encouraging creativity my entire life. I am grateful for all of the teachers that inspired me to try new techniques, and social platforms that connect me to artists around the world.

Each series, I express a theme in a different angle. Literally exaggerated angles, suspended or perpetuated time frames that are coupled with bold saturated colors. Interesting compositions for me push the boundaries of what we know to be aesthetic dimensions. I hope to share with you some of these therapeutic and exciting pieces, I hope they spark joy and if they do, they're available to go home with you.

My career in emergency medicine and love for art, have married and birthed a new creation. First, I thought it was amazing to share the real front line heroes who I work with. Then, I realized the impact of sharing my creative process with the public and especially the medical world. Incorporating a beautiful team of health care workers, I am able to explore my creativity in color. 


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